Community Midwives in the Global Village
Our mission is to serve women and families worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency midwifery aid to women and families affected by conflict, disasters, or lack of local sufficient midwifery or women’s healthcare in the effort to reduce infant and maternal mortality worldwide.
Jennifer and Rachelle have traveled internationally doing aid and relief work for more than twenty years. For the last decade, they have provided midwifery care in developing countries, disaster areas, and remote settings.
Jennifer Head, CPM, LM
Co-Founder, Executive Director, Midwife
Jennifer Head photo

Jennifer Head has been a birth professional for more than fifteen years. She served as President of the Board of Directors for Open Arms Perinatal Services in Seattle, providing no-cost doula care to indigenous and marginalized populations. She attended the International School for Traditional Midwifery in Southern Oregon where she graduated first in her class. She has provided volunteer midwifery services on both sides of the US-Mexico border, in Uganda, in the Philippines, and with the Lakota nation. She maintained an active midwifery practice with partner Rachelle Canady in Southern Oregon and Northern California from 2008-2016.

At One World Midwives, Jennifer serves as a midwife, first responder, volunteer coordinator, fundraiser, and program development manager.

Rachelle Canady, CPM, LDM
Co-Founder, Executive Director, Midwife
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Rachelle Canady has been attending births since 1997 and is passionate about supporting women and their families. Originally trained through the apprenticeship model, she also interned in a clinical setting in the Philippines, as well as completing an academic midwifery program. She served the International School for Traditional Midwifery as an administrator and student service coordinator. Rachelle has done aid work in Papua New Guinea and Ghana and traveled several times to the Phillipines to deliver midwifery aid work. She has managed an active midwifery practice partnership with Jennifer Head since 2010.

At One World Midwives, Rachelle serves as a midwife, first responder, grant writer, fundraiser, and program development manager.

Board of Directors
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Steven L. Nelson, MD — President
Medford, Oregon, United States
Dr. Nelson received his medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA. In addition, he holds a Masters in Public Health also from Tulane University. He completed his Residency in Family Medicine and an additional Fellowship in Faculty Development at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Nelson is Board Certified by the American College of Family Practice. He periodically travels to Uganda offering medical care. He is a Family Practice Doctor in Medford Oregon.
teresa photo
Teresea Maniego — Secretary
Cebu, Philippines
Teresa Maniego is the Executive Director of WADAH Philippines, a humanitarian organization committed to bringing excellent healthcare, educational opportunity, capacity-building and sustainability to the most heartbroken people with love and dignity. They protect the human right to clean water, food, shelter, healthcare, education and peace. Teresa co-founded the Bumi Wadah birth center to serve the survivors of the Haiyan super typhoon.
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Christian Canady — Treasurer
Steamboat, Colorado, United States
Christian Canady brings extensive business management and development experience. After studying non-profit management at Southern Oregon University, she has founded several non-profit and for profit businesses. Having had two home births herself, she works to ensure that all pregnant women have access to quality healthcare. She lives outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where she writes, fishes, and donates her time to mission driven organizations.